Coating and Paint Asia 2020


Coating & Paint Asia 2020 International Trade Exhibition is scheduled in 19 – 21 December 2020 at Karachi Expo Centre, Pakistan. Coating and Paint Asia 2020 international trade exhibition is the ideal platform to launch new products, establish your position in the market and achieve greater brand recognition, in addition to being an excellent forum for creating new business opportunities, fostering new contacts and expanding commercial relationships with key people within the industry.

Reasons to Attend

1. Showcase the latest technology in metal forming, manufacturing and welding.
2. Meet with your current and potential suppliers.
3. Meet with industry experts.

  1. Create new contacts or maintain ongoing contacts with your existing customers and professional event offering an effective trading platform and strong brand building environment to the industry.
  2. Find new prospects and provide is a powerful sales promotion tool bringing qualified visitors for exhibitors to capture market opportunities and expand business.
  3. Position your brand.
  4. Exhibition is a practical tool to help business grow even in tough economy environment – Coating & Paint Asia 2018 is an excellent platform to investigate specific needs in the market, gather feedback, generate awareness and demonstrate competitiveness to the world.
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